“You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”

You tossed and turned all night, only to wake up suddenly early in the morning from another bad dream that feels far too real. You just woke up, and already you feel stressed and tired. You try to get dressed and face your day, only to end up frustrated that you can’t even make up your mind what to wear. Everyone thinks you so have it altogether, but you know how disconeected you feel, you know your mind just won’t stop racing.

You want peace. You want to feel connected to others and to yourself. You want your old normal back.You want to live your life fully, and boldly, and well.You want your life back, you want life to be meaningful once again.

Life’s interruptions…sometimes even just that one life event can be enough to flip life upside down, to leave you in a constant state of anxiety and worry, to put you in a seemingly permanent dark place. This is especially true when it is traumatic grief that plagues you. But, you really don’t have to stay there. And, you don’t have to find freedom alone.

About Me

As a Licensed Professional Counselor based in Michigan, I am passionate about helping people find purpose, joy, and meaning in life again – helping people make the life they want to live their new reality.

I, MarShondra Lawrence, MDiv, LPC, am a Solution Focused Counselor and listed as a Trauma Informed Provider, meaning that together we will look toward seeing and realizing the outcomes you choose, rather than just focusing on removal of the problems you have. My approach is personalized and specific to you. I am dedicated to practicing from the heart, and providing effective treatment built on compassion, acceptance, and interaction.

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